Roll Down Gates & Grilles / Coiling Door

The use for security gates is growing, as is evident nearly everywhere from apartment buildings to self-storage facilities. Security gates are able to give not only a feeling of safety, but also a peace of mind for owners and renters alike.

When considering installing a gate, you should keep a few factors in mind.

First you want to make sure that the gate does not cause a backup in traffic on a road leading in. For this reason, it is best to allow for a driveway of 40 or 50 feet before reaching the gate.
If there is an office on site, you may choose to have tenants and prospective tenants the ability to park outside the perimeter of the main gate and reach the front door of the office, perhaps through a smaller gate designed for foot traffic so it may be locked before and after business hours.
In order to verify those who are driving through the security gate, make passageway wide enough for one vehicle to comfortably drive through at a time.
If possible, avoid having the tenants turn through a gate.
There are times when a tenant finds himself locked in, so be prepared to deal with such situations. This may be cause by power outages from storms, for instance. Be sure to have a posted message with emergency phone numbers that are monitored day and night for such instances.

The materials used are of high quality steel. The gates are solidly mounted and the footings are well buried for stability and strength. We make more than gates; we can fully enclose your property with a solid steel fence as well.

We are able to customize every security gate for you, because we do all our own work on our own site. There is no outsourcing here. Since we are local to Brooklyn and have been for over two decades, you know we will be here during the making and installation of your security gate, You can feel secure that we will be here tomorrow and next year, should you require our services in the future. We stand behind our products because we take great care in making them.

Coiling RollDown Grille

Strip mall old rollup solid gates before demolition (Queens NY) Before photo

Coiling RollDown Grille

See through Grille freestanding security gate high cycle parking lot type (Queens NY)

Coiling RollDown Grille

Entire Strip mall of new grille type see through chain operated roll down gate in Brick Pattern (Queens NY) After Photo

Coiling RollDown Grille

Strip mall new roll down grille gates with steel framing of openings, chain operated type (Queens NY) During photo

Coiling Roll Down Grille

Chain operated see through grille roll down gates mounted to beams as parking lot fence (LIC NY)

Coiling RollDown Grille

Straight link pattern grille motorized coiling security gate. Steel and aluminum reverse mounted. (Brooklyn NY)