Fixed Steel Roof Ladders or Cages


Roof access ladders are especially helpful when there is no access to the roof from inside the top of a building. In order to provide more security when the ladders begin at ground level, you may wish to plant the roof access ladders within a fenced area, such as a courtyard. The lower portion of the roof access ladders may also employ a gate to avoid unauthorized users. Be sure to check local regulations for buildings over one storey, as they normally require an enclosure, such as a cage for the ladders.
You want a good quality of solid steel to be used for the construction of your roof access ladders and professionally built. They must be positioned so the angles of the ladder along the building are able to support a person’s weight. A fall from roof access ladders can cause some pretty severe injuries, especially those from a few floors up. When we install roof access ladders, we ensure all the anchors – on the ground and along the wall, as well as at the top – are fully and solidly constructed and welded. A good many accidents that take place from roof access ladders can be avoided. Keep them from happening at your site and inspect yours on a regular basis. Play it safe and contact us for more information.

Roof Access Ladders
Roof ladders need to be sturdy for roof access safety. (Brooklyn, NY)
Roof Access Ladders
Simple steel fixed roof access ladder with side rails and landing. (Long Island, NY)
Roof Access Ladder
Roof ladder / Galvanized cage. Heated/bent and welded to ladder frame. (Bronx, NY)
Roof Access Ladders
25 foot exterior roof ladder with steel cage. Galvanized with platform over parapet. (Queens, NY)
Steel Roof Access Ladders
Steel roof ladder interior. (Queens, NY)
Roof Access Ladders
Simple steel fixed roof access ladder braced to building and widened at top. Fabricated in sections and thru bolted together upon installation for ease of positioning and loading to site. (Manhattan, NY)