We have had multiple complaints from our tenants about break-ins. They seem to be hitting mainly first floor apartments. The tenants in our properties have been very loyal, and are never late with their rent, so we couldn’t afford to lose them. I had steel master’s fabricate and install window guards three of our six properties. The number of break-in were significantly reduced. The design fit in with the facade of the building. Our tenants, especially the older ones, have such a greater sense of security now. The final decision hasn’t been made about outfitting the window for the other 3 properties, but as soon as I get the go ahead, Steel Fabricator NY swill definitely be given the contract. – 6/11/2016 John Wilkins

The cellar doors for our business had become seriously warped due to time and flooding issues. When it got to the point that my staff had to become creative about locking the doors, I knew that my husband and I couldn’t put off replacing them any longer. After getting several estimates from a number of place, we decided to go with Steel Fabricators NY. For my husband, it was about price, and they were reasonably price. For me, I was concerned about getting a quality set of doors that would make me and my employees feel safe if we had to work late. I also needed them to be installed quickly and not jeopardize the running of the business, or interfere with customer flow. They installed a set of diamond plated sidewalk hatch doors. The slide bolt was working, which is something that we haven’t had in a long time. We were shocked with how little time it took to install the cellar doors. We have talked them up to many of our neighboring businesses. – 8/30/2016 Magdelena

There have been break-ins at several businesses in our neighborhood in the past month or so. I have been resistant to getting window guards because I was afraid of making my business look like a prison, but that was a minor concern when placed next to the security issue. Steel Fabricators NY was sensitive to my curb appeal issue and managed to create custom guards that were not only effective but beautiful in design. They also pointed out my sidewalk basement doors needed to be replaced. The quote was more than reasonable, and I was impressed with their work so far that I went ahead and okayed the new install. We rest better at night now. — 1/2/2017 Irina S.