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Commercial Steel Fabrication Shop - New York NYCGone are the days where a blacksmith will hold a piece of raw iron and turn it into a thing of beauty. Quickly disappearing are those who consider working with raw materials an art form. We believe these old traditions and the vast knowledge attained over the centuries from working with metal should not only still live, but also be built upon.

However, not only do we hold these age old traditions alive and take great pride in our work, we are able to install whatever it is you have in mind. No job is too grand or small to be worthy of our attention.

We are not some fly-by-night group that will construct a shoddy structure and disappear into the ether. Instead, we are a company of talented engineers and metal workers who create sturdy, aesthetic structures that stand the test of time. We are here for you time and time again for all your present and future projects on any scale.

We opened our doors and hung our shingle nearly fifty years ago, and we plan to go for another round. With employees that have been with us for nearly our whole incorporated life, our humble family business has become an icon in the industry.

Steel Fabricators NYC – Steel Fabrication Shop

We are your go-to-source for Steel Fabrication & Custom Iron Works throughout New York, NY and the Northeast. Our commercial steel fabrication shop can handle any size structural steel alteration project your commercial business may need.

  • Commercial Steel Fabrication
  • Commercial Iron Works
  • Structural Steel Alterations
  • Expanded Metal Fabrication

Steel Fabricators NYC
129 Liberty Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11212
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