Sidewalk Cellar Hatch Doors (Basement Access Doors)

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A cellar door or sidewalk basement door can be more than a simple device for entrance to the lower levels of a home or commercial building. It can also lend aesthetic to any structure. And, depending upon the use of the basement, the type of door to be used should be considered, prior to purchase, to ensure the best options for your entrance.

A Steel Fabrication’s shop cellar door or sidewalk basement should be watertight, regardless of what is stored in the basement. The door will be exposed to weather, often harsh during the winter months – especially for those having a horizontal angle than one that is vertical. A basement need not be unattractive, poorly lit, damp or cold, though that is the first visual a lot of people have when thinking about a cellar. Small wonder blockbuster movies involve basements and cellars in their most intense horror scenes. However, using our custom made door, your space will remain free of leaking water around the edges, keeping your area that much more comfortable and a better control of climate for the items you store there.


You will want to make sure that no one is able to enter without permission, especially if the cellar door or sidewalk basement door includes access to the main portion of the building. Therefore, our metal works include a welded bolt inside, so you may lock the door without worry of the lock being sawn off from the street. With no visible means for vandals to access your property, it is much more secure.

We will build to your specifications. The cellar door may be completely vertical, completely horizontal, or at a slope. You may have one single opening, or a double door system. Regardless, with our solid steel materials and welded hinges, your access to the street is secure when closed.

Whether your basement holds a grand wine cellar, is used for storage, or anything in between, we are able to customize the cellar door or sidewalk basement door for your specific project. Give us a call today at 888-57-STEEL  for details.

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