Roll Down Gates & Grilles / Coiling Door

The use for security gates is growing, as is evident nearly everywhere from apartment buildings […]

Coiling RollDown Grille

Industrial Catwalks & Platforms

Steel Fabricators NY of New York is a leading Steel Fabrication company.  Our steel fabricators provide quality work […]

Industrial Catwalks & Platforms - New York, NY

Sidewalk Cellar Hatch Doors (Basement Access Doors)

A cellar door or sidewalk basement door can be more than a simple device for […]

Sidewalk Cellar Doors

Fixed Steel Roof Ladders or Cages

Roof access ladders are especially helpful when there is no access to the roof from […]

Roof Access Ladder

Steel Staircases – All Types

Understanding the components that make steel staircases strong When buying steel staircases you need to […]


Steel Garbage Pail Bins

We’ve been serving commercial and industrial New York customers since 1972.    

Steel Garbage Pail Bins - New York, NY

Industrial Fences / Railings / Guardrails

Metal milling is the shaping, punching and cutting of metal parts using a milling machine. […]

Custom Steel Commercial Industrial Fences Railings Guardrails

Commercial & Industrial Steel Fences

Steel has been used since the mid 1700s. It is a fantastic material that is […]


Steel Ladders

                  Steel Ladders – Steel Fabricators, New […]

Steel Ladders - Steel Fabricators, New York, NY

Railings – Round Pipe Tubular Steel Railings

Tubular steel railings give a modern alternative to a wrought iron baluster and its intricate […]

Round Pipe Tubular Steel Railings

Structural Steel Beams and Columns

Steel is an amazing material. It is strong and durable, yet can be formed in […]

Structural Steel

HVAC Roof Dunnage

When items must be stored on the roof and need to be fully secured, this […]

Structural Steel HVAC Roof Dunnage